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Fun Fact!
Gilda’s Fun fact!

Gilda uses an estimated of 200,000 lbs. of flour every 2 weeks to create our delicious products!

Gilda Industries is equipped with a manufacturing facility that was custom built to specifications in 1982.  Since then, our company has expanded to be an 80,000 square foot state of the art facility, with innovative and sophisticated machinery specifically engineered for the fabrication of superior quality, as well as an assorted variety of products ranging from Cuban crackers, to whole wheat, multigrain, sesame, garlic, no salt no sugar, to toasts, ladyfingers, cookies, panettone, Cassava bread and much more.


Our plant is strategically located in the city of Hialeah in Florida, at 2525 West 4th Avenue, from where we can conveniently serve our diverse customer base located within the South Florida region.  Our facility is also equipped with a large and well-conditioned warehouse that is fully stocked with an abundant number of freshly packed products ready to fulfill our daily customers’ orders.


Our manufacturing facility meets all the legal requirements regarding safety and health, as well as all City and State regulatory compliance as dictated for the food industry.  In addition, our company has implemented the Global Standard for Food Safety quality management system to ensure that our production activities and procedures meet the highest quality standards.  Furthermore, we take great pride in mentioning that Gilda is also approved by the Orthodox Union to be able to sell kosher products.

Creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Gilda Industries, Inc. has been proudly serving customers in the United States region for nearly fifty years.  We are equipped with an in-house manufacturing facility totaling 80,000 square feet, as well as with a state of the art, custom built and automated plant system designed to fulfill our customers’ orders no matter how large they may be.


We have assigned 25,000 square feet to our processing plant which allows us to produce an estimated of 3,000 cases during a one shift period, and our plant is capable of working up to 3 shifts during our peak season. In addition, we have a large inventory of assorted products that are freshly packaged on a daily basis and available for distribution and on time delivery.


At Gilda we use our own fleet of over a dozen trucks to service over 75% of the State of Florida, and we use a network of professional and reliable distributors to deliver our products to the rest of the United States.

Our Process

For almost 50 years we have worked very hard to develop, refine and put into practice a simple and yet effective process in everything we do.  In addition to putting our heart and soul into manufacturing superior products, we invested hours and dedication into creating a company that works efficiently and that is dedicated to making a difference for its customers and for their loyal shoppers.


As a result, today Gilda Industries, Inc. operates in a state of the art facility that was custom built to specifications to ensure that our products are made with the required technology as well as with utmost care!  It is our commitment to bring to not only our customers, but to consumers in general, products that are of the highest quality, that are diverse, fresh, nutritious and delivered with excellent service, professionalism and integrity.


Our committed staff is involved from beginning to end all throughout the manufacturing and production process, from our ingredients, to blending, to baking and packaging, product handling, delivery, shipping and logistics, we are always in full control of the quality of our carefully crafted goods!

Our mission is to delight you!
Custom Manufacturing

Our company Gilda Industries, Inc. has been and continues to be the leader and industry pioneer in the production of baked Cuban crackers and other assorted products that range from sesame crackers, to whole wheat, butter, garlic, mini crackers, to plain crackers, to multigrain, to Maria cookies, toasts, breadsticks, ladyfingers, panettone, to no salt and no sugar crackers just to list a few.


In addition to manufacturing our own Gilda brand products for our customers throughout the United States, we also offer custom manufacturing for store brands and generic brands, and for a growing list of loyal and well-established customers, that for years have placed their trust in our hands.


We are dedicated to providing superior quality products that consistently surpass our customers’ expectations, and we look forward to continue introducing innovative, flavorful, tasty and healthy options customized to meet the requirements of our customers’ target audiences and markets.

Fun Fact!
Gilda’s Fun fact!

Our automated plant system is capable of producing up to 3,000 cases in 1 shift, which result in approximately 36,000 units of Cuban crackers.

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