At Gilda Industries, Inc. we carry a wide variety of products that are freshly baked within our in-house manufacturing facility, which is equipped with cutting edge technology and engineered machinery to deliver superior quality goods.  For close to 50 years we have been creating crackers that have set new standards and trends in the food industry, and today we are known for consistently providing diversity, the best taste, texture and freshness above all!


Among our delicious and innovative products we offer our uniquely “scooped” shaped crackers ideal for food pairing with dips, spreads, soups, and a variety of cheeses among others.  In addition, we offer assorted crackers including our famous baked Cuban crackers, sesame crackers, whole wheat, butter, garlic, mini crackers, plain crackers, multigrain, Maria cookies, breadsticks including original and whole wheat, ladyfingers, soda crackers, panettone, no salt and no sugar crackers, no sugar crackers, toasts, toasts whole wheat, toasts garlic, mini toasts and much more.


Since our inception we have been using our family recipes to craft superior quality baked goods, and we have put our heart and soul into fabricating products that will please crowds of all backgrounds and ages!  We look forward to continue our mission of making trustworthy and premier products for generations to come, and to maintaining the reputation and recognition that Gilda has earned as a result of our dedication and commitment to excellence!

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