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Direct Store Delivery 

At Gilda, our dedicated team is committed to assisting our customers with their productivity, profitability, product availability, and with professional product insight and assistance.


In an effort to fulfill our customers’ daily needs with product related items, we visit their stores and locations regularly, we rotate existing products, bring new ones, assist them with product placement, with sales and specials, all to deliver a better overall experience for shoppers, and to meet the changing and demanding lifestyles of today’s consumers in general.


We are completely devoted to equipping our customers with assorted crackers and baked goods of diverse flavors, textures and sizes, and to have the desired products delivered and available for their customers at the shelf when is needed and where it counts most.


We take great pride in mentioning that for almost 50 years, we have been assisting our customers which include small to large supermarkets and chains such as Publix Super Markets, Winn Dixie Stores, Presidente Supermarket, Wal-Mart Stores, and Walgreens to list a few, to offer their visitors products of superior quality, with great nutritional value, diverse flavors and most importantly that are freshly made!

Shipping & Logistics 

Our company has been operating in the United States for nearly 5 decades!  We are an established and leading manufacturer that takes great pride in our systematic approach, and our capacity to fulfill our customers’ order consistently, on time and always exceeding their expectations.


Gilda takes freshness very seriously!  For this reason we took the time to develop a cutting edge and unique double-package design, consisting of four individual stay fresh 3oz. bags within one master bag for our crackers.  The package design prevents accidental opening of our products and allows retailers to always present the freshest products possible to their shoppers.


In addition to our meticulous manufacturing practices, our careful packaging techniques, and our methodical product handling, we also pay close attention to shipping and logistics to ensure that our customers receive their products in optimal conditions. We are equipped with our own fleet of over a dozen of trucks to service over 75% of the State of Florida, and we work with a trusted network of distributors who consistently fulfill our customers’ orders nationwide.

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Sales & Consulting 

As part of our efforts to offer our customers the most comprehensive as well as the most reliable solutions, our dedicated and professional staff offers sales and product consulting services.  Throughout our decades of experience in the industry, we have learned that offering products that are innovative, nutritious, and attractive and that fit particular demographics is key to earning consumer interest, appreciation, loyalty and overall success.


Our team provides products’ overview and assists our customers in the analysis and research for the best selling items depending on the location of their store, establishment as well as their geographical area.  In addition, we assist them with minimum order amounts, pricing, product placement, product specifications, nutritional values and pairing options among others. We are committed to helping them select products that will have a great response and impact depending on the ethnic background of their specific communities, consumer practices as well as local trends.


At Gilda, we understand that our success depends strictly on the success of our customers, and we are therefore devoted to equipping them with the options that will place their businesses, establishments, stores, supermarkets and other food service institutions ahead of the game!


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